Anna Mani, Indian meteorologist, honored with Google Doodle

Anna Mani, the meteorologist whose work helped kickstart weather forecasting in India, is honored in the latest Google Doodle.

Anna Mani was born in Peermade, Kerala, India, on August 23, 1918 — meaning today would have been her 104th birthday.

Breaking from the traditional gender roles, Mani surrounded herself with literature, reading almost all of the books in her local library by the age of 12.

Her drive to learn carried Anna Mani through both high school and earning a degree from Presidency College, Madras.

Despite publishing five papers and completing a full dissertation, Anna Mani was denied a Ph.D. as she did not have a master’s degree in physics.

Anna Mani brought what she learned back to India in 1948 by working for the India Meteorological Department.

There, she led the effort to simplify and standardize the designs of over 100 different tools/instruments used in weather analysis.

Mani’s new designs were used to help India create its own meteorological tools instead of importing from England.

By 1953, Anna Mani had become the head of her division, rising above her male colleagues, and later rose to the rank of Deputy Director General of the India Meteorological Department.

Related to this research, she also developed a tool to measure the level of ozone in the air.

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